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How you communicate with your team and your customers are evolving as new technology and mediums change. Your organization may be faced with some of these communication challenges:
Our phone system is out of date
Our phone system is old and is starting to have issues.
I don't have anyone to go to when I want to make changes
Our phone system works pretty well but when something breaks or I need to change something it's hard to get help.
It seems like I'm getting over-charged
I can never quite tell what I'm paying for with my business phone bill and I think I might be getting over-charged.
I cannot take my work phone home with me
I cannot take my work phone home with me. I can only use it in the office.
I'd love to have a phone system that integrates better
I'd really like a phone system that integrates well with our CRM and other collaboration tools.
I don't want a large expense upgrading our phone system
Last time we replaced our phone system it was thousands of dollars. I want to upgrade but don't want that large upfront expense.

How we can help you

Virtual PBX

Our feature-rich PBX system allows our clients to access cost-effective communication solutions.

Voice to Email

Whether it's your group voicemail or individual voicemail, don't miss a voicemail again by getting a copy by email.

Call Center Solutions

For organizations that have high call volumes or call center set-ups, we have the tools and resources to track, monitor, and ensure your team live.

Integrated Fax

Replace the physical fax machine with an integrated digital fax solution that will allow you to fax and receive faxes anywhere.

Call Recording

For call quality and training, recording calls can be extremely helpful. Make your team stronger by recording calls.

Conference Room Features

Internal or external conference rooms that allow us to have a call-in number, share screens, or video share is a must for most businesses.

Voicemail Transcription

Save time by reading your voicemails instead of listening to them.

CRM Integration

Data is important to your business. Let's make sure all communication is being tracked effectively.

Advanced Call Routing

How customers or vendors reach you is important. We can set-up your phone system to maximize your interactions.

Better collaboration with your team and customers

The communications industry is undergoing an unprecedented phase of technological innovations. Cloud communications products and services continue to flip the industry on its head, putting you in control. These solutions enable your company to leverage the latest features of capabilities, which are extremely easy to use and very cost-effective.
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What is the difference between Standard & Fully Managed?
The main difference is that Standard only has limited support included; only tier 2 and above. Basically, your organization or IT team will provide the first line of defense when it comes to supporting and making changes long-term. Fully Managed has unlimited support for every tier.
How long does it take to set-up?
If you are not porting any numbers, we can have you set-up a phone system as soon as the next business day. If you are porting numbers, it usually takes up to 4 weeks for implementation.
What kind of handsets do you recommend?
Our system works with most SIP-based VoIP handsets. You can also access the phone system from a smartphone or PC/Mac.
Can I port my old numbers over?
Yes! We can port local, national and even international phone numbers to our system. You won't lose a single one!
How is the call quality?
Since VoIP is cloud-hosted and is run through the internet, your connection is very important. That being said, we have had great successes with our clients.
Can I make international calls?
Yes! You can call most countries and there is a per-minute charge.

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