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Justin Best


Justin's fascination with technology and care for people led him to start NW Technologies Group in 1994. He loves explaining complex networking concepts by making analogies and drawing stick figures. He holds certifications from both Microsoft and Cisco. Justin and his wife Amy have 5 kids and in the evenings enjoy gathering everyone by the fireplace to read Lord of the Rings.

P. 503.465.4195 x 500

Kevin French

Director of Centralized Services

Kevin started working with NW Technologies in 2012 right after he graduated from college. He enjoys the implementation of new software and the host of troubleshooting that comes along with that. Outside of work, you’ll find Kevin hiking, climbing, and exploring the outdoors.

P. 503.465.4195 x 501

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Jon Martin

Director of Support Services

Jon started with NW Techs in 2014. His favorite task is one-on-one dialog with clients involving complicated technology issues. When he is not fixing computers, he enjoys playing the piano, drinking copious amounts of tea, and spending time with his wife.

P. 503.465.4195 x 502

Daniel Bello

Network Technician

Daniel loves talking to people and building meaningful relationships around solving their tech issues. Outside of NWTechs, you will find Daniel reading, writing, and road tripping to his next photo shoot.

P. 503.465.4195 x 504

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Arthur Dunn

Network Technician

Arthur started with NW Techs in 2016 and enjoys learning about what's happening behind the screen and applying what he learns to help solve tech problems. When he's away from work, he enjoys helping with children's ministries, hiking, and listening to podcasts.

P. 503.465.4195 x 507

Holly Landaker

Network Technician

Holly comes to NW Techs eager to learn all there is to know about the IT world and to gain hands-on experience understanding client technical needs. With a background in Culinary Arts, Holly enjoys catering events in her free time, as well as the occasional weekend road trip, brunch with her girlfriends, concerts with her boyfriend, and hikes with her two fur babies.

P. 503.465.4195 x 512

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Taylor Wells

Director of Business Development 

Taylor started working with NWTechs in early 2016. He brings over a decade of business development experience to the team from a variety of industries. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, skiing, and going to concerts.

P. 503.465.4195 x 505

Josiah Poling

Director of Network Administration 

Josiah started with NW Techs in 2015. He enjoys IT Consulting, Information Security, and pfsense firewalls. On the weekends you can find him eating tacos with his wife, reading, or listening to Daft Punk.

P. 503.465.4195 x 503

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DJ Smith

Network Technician 

DJ loves new technology and is continually fascinated by augmented reality. Starting in early 2017, his detailed approach to life and care for people made him an instant fit to the team. In his free time, you can find him restoring a motorcycle, mixing drinks, or brewing coffee.

P. 503.465.4195 x 509

Josiah Miu

Network Technician

Josiah is continually fascinated by the complexities and overall potential of technology. At NWTechs, he enjoys working one-on-one with clients to resolve their tech needs. Outside of work he enjoys reading, riding his bike around town, and getting coffee with friends.

P. 503.465.4195 x 508

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Colton Best


Colton loves implementing the integral processes of financial accounting to create organization. He is an avid coffee enthusiast and enjoys fair weather cycling, calligraphy and reading in his spare time.

P. 503.465.4195 x 510

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